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Would you like to try CoffeeB?

Taste some CoffeeB at Melectronics, Migros and FUST

Would you like to try some CoffeeB and find out more about the CoffeeB coffee system? You can now test CoffeeB at all Melectronics stores at any time. Simply contact our sales staff directly on site.

From 9 September to 28 October 2023, we’ll be offering CoffeeB tasting every Friday and/or Saturday at selected Melectronics, Migros and FUST stores.

every Friday and Saturday from 9 September to 23 September 2023

  • Fust Wettingen Tägi-Park
  • Fust Niederwangen
  • Fust Thun Aarezentrum
  • Fust Basel Rebgasse
  • Fust Centre Commercial La Praille
  • Fust Meyrin
  • Fust Mels
  • Fust St. Gallen Stadion
  • Fust Küssnacht am Rigi
  • Fust Giubiasco
  • Fust Etoy
  • Fust Crissier
  • Fust Winterthur Grüze
  • Fust Volketswil
  • Fust Hinwil
  • Fust Glattlattzentrum Wallisellen
  • Fust Winterthur Neuwiesen
  • Fust Zürich Jelmoli
  • Fust Zürich Letzipark
every Friday and Saturday from 22 September to 21 October 2023

  • Migros MM Baden City
  • Migros MM Châtel-St-Denis
  • Migros MM Estavayer-le-Lac
  • Migros MM Fleurier
  • Migros MM Genève Les Cygnes
  • Migros MM Genève Villereuse
  • Migros MM Grenchen
  • Migros MM Küssnacht Rigimärt
  • Migros MM La Tour de Trême
  • Migros MM Langenthal
  • Migros MM Lyss Lyssbachpark
  • Migros MM Meilen
  • Migros MM Metalli Zug
  • Migros MM Montagny
  • Migros MM Montreux
  • Migros MM Morat
  • Migros MM Neuchâtel Hôpital
  • Migros MM Peseux
  • Migros MM Pfäffikon Seedammcenter
  • Migros MM Porrentruy l'Esp.
  • Migros MM Pully
  • Migros MM Romont
  • Migros MM Sarnen-Center
  • Migros MM Sierre
  • Migros MM Unterentfelden
  • Migros MM Vevey Midi Coindet
  • Migros MM Zofingen
  • Migros MMM Altstetten
  • Migros MMM Avry Centre
  • Migros MMM Brügg Centre
  • Migros MMM Bülach Süd
  • Migros MMM Chablais Centre
  • Migros MMM Ebikon Mall of Switzerland
  • Migros MMM Forum des Alpes
  • Migros MMM Genève Balexert
  • Migros MMM Ibach-Schwyz Mythen-Center
  • Migros MMM Langendorf
  • Migros MMM Métropole Yverdon
  • Migros MMM Regensdorf
  • Migros MMM Romanel-sur-Lausanne
  • Migros MMM Sant'Antonino
  • Migros MMM Spreitenbach Tivoli
  • Migros MMM Winterthur Neuwiesen
  • Migros MMM Zürich Limmatplatz
every Friday and Saturday from 22 September to 28 October 2023

  • Melectronics Basel Claramarkt
  • Melectronics Basel Dreispitz
  • Melectronics Burgdorf Neumarkt
  • Melectronics Carouge MParc La Praille
  • Melectronics Centre Brügg
  • Melectronics Crissier
  • Melectronics Delémont MParc
  • Melectronics Egerkingen Gäupark
  • Melectronics Etoy
  • Melectronics Frauenfeld
  • Melectronics Herblinger-Markt Schaffhausen
  • Melectronics Interlaken
  • Melectronics La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Melectronics Länderpark Stans
  • Melectronics Langenthal
  • Melectronics Marin
  • Melectronics Martigny
  • Melectronics Mythen-Center Ibach
  • Melectronics Pizolpark Mels
  • Melectronics Schönthal
  • Melectronics Schweizerhof Luzern
  • Melectronics Shoppyland Schönbühl
  • Melectronics Sierre Rossfeld
  • Melectronics St. Fiden
  • Melectronics Steinhausen
  • Melectronics Sursee
  • Melectronics Winterthur Neuwiesen
  • Melectronics Wynecenter Buchs
  • Melectronics Zürich City

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“In my day-to-day life, I try to generate as little waste as possible. Thanks to CoffeeB, I’m one step further.”

Vera, Jura

“Espresso Bio is my favourite. You can taste the full-bodied coffee beans and the quality is great.”

Beat, Thurgau

“A capsule system without capsules? In the meantime, I’ve become a huge fan of this innovation – and my plants appreciate the extra fertiliser”

Simone, Tessin

“I’m a coffee lover: right now, I’m trying out all the different CoffeeB flavours, and the variety is so exciting!”

Ann, Zürich