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The warranty period begins upon purchasing the new CoffeeB machine and applies for two years. The warranty certificate will be provided to you via e-mail as a PDF document together with the shipping confirmation. If you buy your CoffeeB machine in a store, the receipt serves as your warranty certificate.

We currently only offer shipping of our CoffeeB products to Switzerland, France and Liechtenstein. Nevertheless, please get in touch with us if you would like to request a special international delivery. Send us an email at [email protected] (subject: "International Shipping") and we will check for possibilities depending on the destination country.

Your order is packed at our production facility in Birsfelden, from where it is also dispatched. As soon as the order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation of dispatch from the Swiss Post. You can then track your consignment under “My consignments”.  In this way, you can see directly where your parcel is.

For orders up to 25 CHF, the delivery costs are 3,99 CHF. For orders with a value of 25 CHF and over, shipping is free.

If the order is interrupted, we will contact you by e-mail. The payment has not been made. The interrupted order is visible in the order overview A few clicks are all it takes to finalise it. If another interruption occurs, please contact our customer services.

For orders up to CHF 25, delivery costs CHF 3.99. For orders larger than CHF 25, your delivery is free.

In our online store, you can choose from the following payment methods: credit card (Visa, MasterCard), PayPal or by invoice.

At present, we only send CoffeeB products to France, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. However, if you would like to request a special international delivery, please write to us at [email protected] (subject: "International delivery" and we will see what options exist for the country in question.

In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you have the right to withdraw your order within 14 days, without having to justify your decision or incur penalties. The date of dispatch is decisive for compliance with the deadline. This right of withdrawal does not apply to coffee balls and other food products purchased in our store. These products are sealed for hygiene reasons and are not covered by the right of withdrawal. After notifying us of your decision to exercise your right of withdrawal within this 14-day period, you have a further 14 days to return the products concerned by the withdrawal.

You may exercise your right of withdrawal with respect to the supplier in any form whatsoever, in particular by post or e-mail, provided that you clearly express your wish to withdraw and clearly indicate the order concerned by this withdrawal. Should you withdraw from the purchase of a CoffeeB coffee machine in accordance with regulatory provisions, the welcome gift granted to you if you registered the CoffeeB coffee machine at will be deducted. A standard withdrawal form is attached and must be sent to the following address: Schweiz Delica AG, Logistik CoffeeB, Bresteneggstrasse 4, CH-5033 Buchs. If you wish to send your withdrawal request by e-mail, please use the following e-mail address: [email protected].

If you exercise your right of withdrawal within the 14-day period, you will be reimbursed only for the price of the CoffeeB coffee machine(s) purchased and the cost of postage. You are responsible for the cost of returning the machine(s) to us.

The goods must be returned in their entirety and in their original condition (packaging, accessories, instructions, etc.), so that they can be resold as new, and they must, if possible, be accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase. You may be held liable for any depreciation of the CoffeeB coffee machine caused by handling other than that required to determine the type, characteristics and proper functioning of the machine.

For more information, see our terms and conditions at

The CoffeeB Globe coffee machine and Coffee Balls can be purchased in Spain through Aquaservice. Aquaservice is the authorized distributor of CoffeeB in Spain. For more information and to make a purchase, please visit the Aquaservice website You can also contact their Customer Service via email at [email protected] or by phone +34 963 000 333.

If your order was cancelled, you can use your discount code again. In your order overview, you can find your cancelled order, which you can repeat with just a few clicks. Enter the discount code again.

We are thrilled to see the growing interest in our product in the United States! Due to country restrictions and with our current setup, we are unfortunately not yet equipped to ship to North America. We are, however, working hard on setting up a shipping process for our US customers in 2023, so keep your eyes open!

Customer area

You can find the registration number on the flyer enclosed in the packaging of your coffee machine. 

The CoffeeB Globe coffee machine and Coffee Balls can be purchased in Spain through Aquaservice. Aquaservice is the authorized distributor of CoffeeB in Spain. For more information and to make a purchase, please visit the Aquaservice website. You can also contact their Customer Service via email at [email protected] or by phone +34 963 000 333.

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You can link your Cumulus number to your Migros account here:  

Yes, you can find the number of Cumulus points you have collected in your shopping basket. To collect Cumulus points, your Cumulus card must be linked to your Migros account. You can link your Cumulus number to your Migros account here:  

We accept the following payment methods:

- Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)

- PayPal

- Invoice


About us

Based on the philosophy of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, Delica stands for innovative drive, sustainability and Swiss origins.
The issue of capsule waste (globally 100,000 tonnes of capsule waste per year) has concerned us for many years. The global growth of single-serve coffee entails more capsule waste. For this reason, in addition to attempting to maximise the recycling percentage, we have, over the past five years, also been working on developing a completely waste-free, single-serve coffee system. In collaboration with our internal R&D department, CoffeeB was created: an innovative capsule system without capsules for the highest quality demands, with a coffee ball of completely natural origin that contains neither aluminium nor plastic.

We aim to offer the world exceptional taste experiences and Swiss quality. This with a focus on the areas of coffee, chocolate, and biscuits. We consider it as our mission to pursue consumer-focused category management, recognise trends, and develop innovations that meet the needs of our valued customers - and to improve continuously.

We firmly believe that CoffeeB will substantially change the way in which we drink single-serve coffee in the future. However, this transition will take time. Similar to the car industry, where the transition to electric cars will not take place overnight. In the meantime, we will continue to offer the tried-and-tested quality products to our existing Café Royal and Delizio customers.

We are focusing primarily on our domestic Swiss market and France, Germany and Lichtenstein. We are continuously evaluating further markets. Quite a few things will happen in the coming years. Keep your eyes open!

CoffeeB is for all coffee lovers who appreciate the convenience of capsule systems but are also concerned about the planet. Our consumers are environmentally conscious and would like to eliminate the effects of the aluminium and plastic capsules that are currently used in the most popular single-serve coffee systems.

Migros (short for Migros Cooperative) is one of the largest retail companies in Switzerland. Founded by Gottlieb Duttweiler in 1925, it is now organised as an association of cooperatives with nearly 2.3 million cooperative members. It consists of ten regional cooperatives that together form the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC). A number of subsidiaries and shareholdings are, in turn, controlled by the FMC. Migros Industrie is one of them. Migros Industrie is close to the market, sets trends, and surprises time and again with innovative products and services. Its core competencies include the production of private labels of Swiss quality that it sells in some 50 countries. Well-known international corporate groups are among the customers of Migros Industrie. Migros Industrie is divided into five segments - Delica is Segment 4.

As the largest proportion of the footprint comes from the coffee itself, we recommend using a preparation method that uses as little coffee as possible or makes use of the coffee as efficiently as possible. In general, single-serve systems serve this purpose very well. When using fully automatic machines, portafilters or filters (e.g. Bialetti/coffee pots), one must pay attention to keeping the coffee quantity low and to actually consuming the coffee that was prepared. 

CoffeeB will never use too much coffee. Using an average of 5.7 grams of coffee per cup, the system is highly efficient and, hence, resource-saving. What’s more, no plastic and/or aluminium components are used for the wrapper, thereby removing the corresponding steps in terms of production, waste disposal and recycling.  

Thanks to our patented technology that is unique in the world, the coffee balls can only be used with the CoffeeB machine. We are keen to counteract excessive consumption and support sustainable, forward-looking consumption. We therefore only recommend purchasing a new machine if the current one needs replacing. A coffee machine has an average life cycle of roughly four years. This means that there are annual changes within the coffee world. We would like to address the 20-25% of consumers who are looking for a new machine.

We are confident that our current range offers the best flavour experience for every individual coffee preference. But, of course, we do want to offer our consumers even more first-class taste experiences. For this reason, the range will be expanded in the coming years.

CoffeeB is the name of the coffee system, whereas the coffee is from Café Royal. Café Royal stands for high-quality and sustainable coffee that our customers know and love.

We believe the best capsule is no capsule. CoffeeB capsules require neither capsule manufacturing nor waste disposal. This in turn saves additional transportation and processes.

CoffeeB is a new, sustainable coffee capsule system without capsules that offers excellent coffee quality and produces no waste. It works with unique, single-serve coffee balls that are entirely of natural origin and compostable. The coffee quality in the cup is guaranteed thanks to the patented brewing technology and the range of high-quality coffees available from the Café Royal brand.

Delica AG was founded in 2021 through the merger of Chocolat Frey AG, Delica AG, Midor AG, Riseria SA and Total Capsule Solutions. The name Delica stands for the highest possible expertise in great-tasting products under the Migros Industrie umbrella. Delica employs about 2500 people at five locations across Switzerland and many offices abroad. Our company develops and produces delicious top-quality chocolate, snacks, cooking products and coffee.


All the coffee we source is Rainforest Alliance certified. You can recognize the certification by the little green frog on the packaging. This seal indicates that the certified product or one of its ingredients has been produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability - social, economic and environmental. To achieve this, our coffee farmers undergo a rigorous certification program that commits them to continuous improvement, training in sustainable business practices, and a clearly identifiable benefit to the producer.

Our ball carton is made from FSC-certified natural products such as birch, sawdust, and spruce. The barrier layer in the box consists of polypropylene and protects the coffee balls from oxygen, steam, and loss of flavour. This guarantees the product’s shelf life. Our cover film, which acts as aroma protection for the coffee balls, consists of composite materials made from paper and plastic. Our banderole consists of printed, FSC-certified paper with water-based glue.

All components of the CoffeeB product packaging can be disposed of together cardboard recycling. 

We use recycled ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) for some of the machine’s parts. This ABS is produced by 85% from post-consumer materials. However, this material is not suitable for all plastic parts.
The housing of the black machine is made from it. As it is only available in black, however, the cover of the white machine cannot be produced using this material. For this reason, the percentage of recycled ABS is substantially lower in the white machine, as can be seen on the packaging. The percentage of recycled plastic is 34% for the black machine and 15% for the white one.

Our coffee ball is certified as “compostable” by the DINcerto institute. We are not aware of any parts of the ball having an effect on the growth of plants. In principle, coffee grounds have a low pH level. They are therefore especially useful to fertilise plants that need acid soil to thrive.


When registering your coffee machine, you can choose from the following CoffeeB Discovery Sets.

Discovery Sets may be temporarily unavailable due to high demand.

Continue to register your coffee machine

Espresso Discovery Set
4x Ristretto & 8x Espresso

Espresso Discovery Set

Lungo Discovery Set
4x Lungo Bio & 8x Lungo

Lungo Forte & Espresso Bio Discovery Set
6x Lungo Forte & 6x Espresso Bio

Espresso & Lungo Discovery Set
4x Espresso & 8x Lungo

Mix Discovery Set
2x Ristretto, 4x Espresso, 2x Lungo, 4x Lungo Bio

You can try CoffeeB at any time in all melectronics stores. Just ask the sales staff.

In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to start up the Globe:


Are you experiencing any issues while installing your machine? Please make sure you read the user manual carefully. For further questions or in case anything is unclear, make sure to check out the Machine Handling section in our Help center, and don't miss out on our tutorial videos!

Are you still stuck or would you like to report a warranty issue? Please visit the Migros Service in the M-Electronics store of your choice and let our competent staff help you out! Click on our Store Finder to find your closest warranty service partner. 


If you purchased your machine in the online shop, it’s already registered in your account. Together with your new CoffeeB machine, we’ll send you your welcome gift (CoffeeB discovery set).

Join the CoffeeB family! Register your machine and receive a welcome gift in the form of an exclusive CoffeeB discovery set comprising twelve CoffeeB packages worth CHF 50. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive exclusive benefits such as discounts, special offers, and gifts. What are you waiting for? You can register here.

This sign lights up when the containers with the coffee balls and residual water must be emptied.

The container sign will usually start flashing after about nine coffee balls. The machine stops and no more coffee can be prepared. If several rinsing cycles were performed, this button may already light up earlier because the drip tray may be too full. 

The machine has been programmed to reset the counting mechanism eight seconds after removing the container. Once the container is empty and has been reinserted in the machine, the light extinguishes and you can prepare coffee again.

To make a coffee with our CoffeeB machine, ensure that there is enough water in the water tank. You will also need a pack of Coffee Balls and a suitable coffee cup.

  1. You can flush the machine once to warm it up if you need to. Place a cup under the coffee spout before doing this.
  2. Open the cover above the ball slot if it is closed.
  3. To open the Coffee Ball packaging, lightly press in the tab at the bottom and remove the covering film.
  4. Remove a Coffee Ball and insert it into the ball slot. Alternatively, you can insert the entire pack of Coffee Balls into the Coffee Ball dispenser. Then close the dispenser and place it onto the machine.
  5. Place a suitable cup under the coffee spout.
  6. Gently push the lever downwards.
  7. Select your cup size and press the button once. The button starts flashing.
  8. The coffee will start to flow out of the spout after a few seconds
  9. Enjoy CoffeeB.


The dispensing quantity can be adjusted for each cup of coffee. The default setting for espresso is 40 ml and for lungo 110 ml. You can choose between a dispensing quantity of 25-250 ml. 

To program the cup:

  1. Place a cup underneath the coffee spout.
  2. Check that the water tank level is sufficient. If not, refill the water tank.
  3. Insert the coffee ball and close the operating lever.
  4. Press the button to be programmed for at least three seconds until it flashes three times in quick succession.
  5. Release the button. The coffee flows into the cup.

As soon as the desired quantity has been reached, press the button to be programmed again. The coffee stops flowing and all buttons light up. The new quantity has been programmed.


This function, intended for hygienic reasons, gives a user the possibility to close the lid where the coffee ball is inserted into the machine for brewing. The lid can be open or closed. It has no technical function related to the brewing process, and is not connected to the lever mechanism. An arrow around the button indicates that it can be rotated. The button is the mechanism for opening and closing the lid. The only exception: during descaling, the lid must be closed for safety reasons.

You can download our user manual here:  User Manual


The lever serves to close the brewing unit for the brewing process. It is not connected with the opening and closing mechanism of the ball slot on top of the machine. This mechanism is separate.
After the brewing process, the lever opens automatically, which makes using the machine even more comfortable. During the brewing, rinsing and descaling process, the lever must not be moved upwards manually.

If your CoffeeB coffee machine is damaged, you can return it to be repaired. CoffeeB coffee machines that were purchased in the CoffeeB online shop or in a Migros or Melectronics store can be returned to the Customer Service department at all Migros stores or to a Melectronics store for repair.

CoffeeB coffee machines that were purchased at a Fust store can be returned to a Fust branch for repair.

Descaler on a chemical basis is the most effective machine descaler. Moreover, it does not damage the machine components.

There are two possibilities of natural descalers: based on vinegar, which could damage the machine components and thus maybe reduce the machine’s longevity. The other natural descaler is based on lemon, which isn’t a very effective descaler, unfortunately.

We are looking for appropriate options on a natural basis. At the moment, there is no alternative equivalent to the chemical solution. In terms of sustainability, the aim is to find a packaging alternative that is more suited to the concept.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how to descale your machine:


If the rinsing button lights up blue, the water tank is empty.

To refill the water tank:

  1. Remove the water tank and fill it with water.
  2. Put the water tank back into position - pushing it firmly into the holder.
  3. Close the lever.
  4. Press the blue rinsing button.
  5. Did the blue button light up again? Press the blue button again.
  6. The coffee will now be brewed.
  7. All buttons should now light up white again.

After the coffee has been brewed, the lever automatically moves up again. If it gets stuck, the lever can be pushed up again by hand.


Before first use, the dispenser should be rinsed with water and dried well. It is dishwasher safe and can therefore be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The coffee ball can simply be pushed/pressed with your finger through the ball chute into the ball receptacle below. Make sure that the ball is removed immediately to prevent it from getting wet and to be able to use it later.

The crema valve in the machine creates small air bubbles during the brewing process. When water flows through the crema valve during rinsing, small air bubbles also form in the rinsing water, which result in an opaque or milky appearance when it leaves the machine. After a short while, the water is clear again as soon as all air bubbles have disappeared.

When the clean button lights up blue, the water tank is empty. Fill the water tank with fresh water within 6 minutes. Clean button must always be pressed to confirm after filling and plugging the water tank onto the machine. If the water tank is not filled within 6 minutes, the brewing unit opens automatically and ejects the ball, i.e. with an epty water tank the consumer has got 6 minutes time to fill up and continue with the brewing process. The ball can still be used and is not " lost ". The machine finishes brewing the ball.

When you register your CoffeeB machine, you will immediately receive an additional one-year guarantee on your machine and a welcome gift worth EUR 25. You can also obtain exclusive benefits when making future purchases – such as discounts, special offers and gifts.

It is a CoffeeB Globe, so the functions are identical to those of the Globe.

No, the new limited edition coffee machine is only available in red and grey.

The warranty period begins with the purchase of the new CoffeeB coffee machine and is valid for 2 years.

We have used as much recycled material as possible in the machine, resulting in a recycled content of up to 34%. It also has a modular design so that individual components can be replaced as required.

You can find accessories in our webshop.

The new limited edition CoffeeB Globe coffee machine offers the latest technology in attractive new colours, including red and grey.

Coffee Balls

The Coffee Balls are manufactured in our production plant in Birsfelden.

If two new coffee balls are in the slot, the brewing unit can still be closed. Then the first ball is brewed in the brewing unit. The second ball is pushed up slightly and remains in the slot above the closed brewing unit.

 If you have tweezers, you can try to remove it. Once the brewing process is complete, the first ball falls into the drip tray/container, and the second ball falls into the brewing unit. It is now ready for use.

Should you wish to remove the ball, you can simply push it downward with your finger so that it falls into the container.

Bitte beachte, dass der Ball sofort rausgenommen werden sollte, damit er nicht nass wird und zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt verwendet werden kann.

If only a little water comes out during rinsing or brewing or the lever is stuck, this can be an indication that the machine is blocked.

Instructions on how to proceed in this case can be found here:  Removing_the_coffee_ball.pdf

What do I do if the ball gets stuck in the machine?

  1. Remove the machine from the power source
  2. Remove the ball container on the front side
  3. Place the cup under the coffee dispenser
  4. Use a torch to check where the ball is stuck
  5. Carefully push the ball through the machine with a spoon
  6. Reconnect the machine to the power supply
  7. Push down the lever and press the rinsing button
  8. The machine is ready for use again


If the coffee ball has only a small crack on its surface, it can be used without any problems.

However, if the coffee ball has one or more larger tears, it may not be used to prepare coffee.

Using a damaged coffee ball may clog up your machine. Instructions on how to proceed in this case can be found here:  Removing_the_coffee_ball.pdf

In the unfortunate though rare event that you find damaged coffee balls in a package, you can have them exchanged free of charge. 

  • When shopping at a Migros store, you can hand in the product there and have it replaced.
  • When shopping online (, you can contact our customer service team with your complaint. We will then send you replacements by post.


The coffee ball is bathed in 72 degree water before the coffee is being extracted. This water does not land in your cup, but is being transferred into the bin. In addition, the coating does not dissolve during extraction. The water runs through the coffee ball.

The moulded pulp packaging provides a barrier against oxygen and keeps the coffee in the coffee balls fresh for at least 14 months.

Just like for freshly ground coffee: store the coffee balls after opening the package in a dry place at room or refrigerator temperatures and consume them as quickly as possible.

The protective wrapper protects the roasted coffee from loss of flavour, and provides the coffee ball with additional stability.

The wrapper of the coffee ball consists entirely of raw materials of natural origin, specifically of plant-based and mineral origin. These materials are permitted for use in food and present no health hazards.

The coffee balls are very stable and can be handled like coffee capsules. It is essentially the protective cover that makes the coffee balls stable without producing any unnecessary waste. In fact, the ball can be dropped from the height of a kitchen counter (90 cm) without breaking. Small tears do not have any effect on the preparation of the coffee.

The coffee balls are labelled by a laser, like the one used to label organic fruit and vegetables. The laser creates a colour change of the protective wrapper around the coffee pellet. This process makes it possible to create a label without using real dyes or damaging the coffee ball (e.g. through engraving). The coating remains intact and forms a natural barrier against oxygen.

All our decaffeinated coffees for our coffee balls are gently decaffeinated using what is known as the CO2 process. This process uses only CO2 gas as well as water to extract the caffeine from the bean. - The unroasted coffee beans are brought into contact with CO2. The CO2 then extracts the caffeine from the beans at high pressure. The CO2 can be used again. What remains behind is the decaffeinated green coffee. Important: no other chemicals such as solvents, etc. are used. This is the most complex but also the gentlest process. The CO2 procedure presents absolutely no health hazards.

Coffee is a beverage with no significant nutritional value.

The protective wrapper is of purely natural origin. Smaller, visual variations are therefore possible. The functionality of the coffee ball is always guaranteed, so you can prepare and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

The wrapper is not consumed and remains in the coffee machine on the ball after extraction, like a paper filter in a single-serve coffee pad. In a sense, the wrapper acts like packaging.

No, the protective wrapper does not dissolve during the extraction process.

Yes, the coffee balls can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. It’s important that they are stored in a dry place.

No. Our coffee balls consist exclusively of freshly roasted coffee, which is pressed and immediately coated with a thin protective layer (of natural origin) to preserve its freshness and aroma.

Our Coffee Balls are made from the same delicious coffee found in our Cafe Royal capsules.

The Coffee Ball is surrounded by a thin protective shell of natural origin. Together with the packaging, these provide a barrier against oxygen and thus protect the coffee from oxidation and loss of aroma. A capsule is therefore not necessary.

CoffeeB x illy

The illy Espresso Classico Blend embodies a classic velvety taste with delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine. The illy Espresso Intenso is characterized by its intense roasting, delivering captivating hints of cocoa and dried fruits with a full-bodied aftertaste. Perfect for those who prefer an aromatic flavor.

The company illy is B Corp certified. This certification is awarded to organizations committed to upholding the highest standards regarding social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, aiming to optimize impacts on employees, affected communities, and the environment.

CoffeeB by illy is not certified as carbon-neutral.

The coffee is roasted by illy in Italy.

the CoffeeB Balls by illy have the same unmistakable and unique illy aroma as all the other illy products

"Since Italian coffee expertise is associated with a coffee preparation with most intense sensory impact, espresso was chosen as the variety. Classico, with strong floral notes of jasmine and orange blossoms and a pleasantly sweet aftertaste; Intenso, with notes of cocoa and nuts and a full and high-bodied aftertaste.The choice of degree of roasting will depend on your personal preference: For those who prefer a smooth and velvety taste, we recommend the Classico medium roast, whereas those who like a full-bodied taste will find the Intenso roast ideal. "

To fully enjoy the quality, the balls should be consumed within a few weeks after opening the package.

In contrast to the existing Café Royal CoffeeB range, illy uses an intensity scale up to 9 instead of 10. This decision was consciously made to align with illy's well-known intensity scale. The flavor intensity values of the new illy Coffee B products (up to 9, instead of 10) cannot be associated with the values used in the Cafè Royal branded products as the two companies have a different product range

Currently, no further illy varieties are planned. illy wishes to propose the flavor varieties that mostly meet the tastes of a vast range of consumers. We thank you for expressing your suggestion which will be shared with our Product Development Marketing office so that it can consider expanding our product portfolio in the near future.

the illy blend is composed by 9 distinct Arabica coffee origins from our best harvests around the world. In order to be sure to offer the unmistakable and unique illy aroma at every drinking occasion, the 9 qualities of Arabica coffee are blended according to a dynamics receipe that is recalibrated several times a day to ensure the same taste in the cup

Returns and Refunds

To return your CoffeeB coffee machine that you purchased from our online store, please proceed as follows: Contact our customer service by e-mail at [email protected] and register your return, quoting your order number. Please let us know the reason for your return. Our customer service team will contact you so that you can obtain your return label within one to two working days. Send us your coffee machine (ensuring that it is clean and dry) and all supplied accessories together with the return slip (you will find this attached below). After receiving your coffee machine, we will refund the purchase price minus your welcome bonus (CoffeeB starter set/ 25€) and the return costs (5€) to your means of payment.

No. If you return your CoffeeB coffee machine to within 30 days of purchasing it, you will receive a partial refund of the purchase price. We will refund the purchase price minus the welcome bonus (CoffeeB starter set/EUR 25) and the return costs (EUR 5).

As soon as the returned CoffeeB coffee machine has arrived in our warehouse, we will refund the purchase price minus the welcome bonus (CoffeeB starter set/EUR 25) and the shipping costs (EUR 5) within 2–3 working days.

No. If you return your CoffeeB coffee machine to us, the return costs (EUR 5) will be deducted from the refund. Coffee Balls are sealed for hygienic reasons and are excluded from the right of cancellation.

Items ordered at are subject to a 30-day right of return and exchange. Please note that this right of cancellation does not apply to food purchased from our store. Coffee Balls are sealed for hygienic reasons and are excluded from the right of cancellation.

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