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CoffeeB coffee machine

The sustainable coffee system for home

The «No Capsule» System

Big changes start small

CoffeeB Globe

The coffee machine with 100% compostable Coffee Balls.

The CoffeeB Globe coffee machine is a single-serve system with innovative, patented brewing technology. It offers all the conveniences of a regular capsule-based coffee machine such as individual selection of coffee type and different strengths. However, it does away with aluminium or plastic capsules altogether, while still offering users the choice of their momentarily preferred coffee on a cup-by-cup basis. The Coffee Balls are made of pure coffee and are merely wrapped in a protective coating of natural origin.

Thanks to their modular design, CoffeeB coffee machines can be repaired at our service centres. The individual components such as the brewing unit, electronics, pump, heater, and valve, can all be replaced easily and individually.

Silent Brewing

Energy Efficient

Fast heating time

Programmable cup sizes

Automatic switch-off after one minute

Simply enjoy coffee

The brewing system

How the patented brewing system works

  1. Step 1: The pressed ball of coffee, which is solid in its normal state, is moistened in water inside the machine to soften it.

  2. Step 2: The machine squeezes the Coffee Ball, pierces it, and then inflates it with water.

  3. Step 3: The coffee is extracted at a brewing pressure of 7-12 bar. The machines pump itself operates at 19 bar.

  4. Step 4: The brewed Coffee Ball is ejected into the collection tray.

100% pleasure

Coffee Ball: 0% aluminium. 0% plastic.

For our favourite ball

Our goal is to rid the world of capsule waste.